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Tranquil Tides Dainty Amazonite

Tranquil Tides Dainty Amazonite

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Experience the serenity of the ocean with our Tranquil Tides Dainty Amazonite bracelet. Expertly crafted with genuine stone beads, stainless steel accents and a durable elastic string, it's easy to wear and comfortable for everyday use. With its soothing colors and lasting quality, it's the perfect addition to your daily wardrobe. This exquisite stone bracelet soothes the mind, body, and spirit, relieving stress and emotional turmoil. Whether meditating, doing breathing exercises, or enjoying the fresh air, let this luxurious gem guide you to tranquility amidst the chaos of your day. Comes with one piece, check out Tranquil Tides Dainty Amazonite Trio for a delicately layered look.

Available in a standard woman's size. 

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